Working from home? It’s no fun

Lots of our patients have come in complaining of aches and pains from working from home or WFH. (And having a three letter abbreviations is always a bad sign, IMHO!).  Many of them set up a temporary desk at home. Today’s gem has been working off the ironing board. Apparently, it is great as you can change the height and it has a fair bit of space! But then, days became weeks, weeks became months – and you know the rest. For many, the temporary fix is now a permanent one and problems have started.

We have talked about this before in our numerous blogs about anterior head carriage and the problems this causes. We have also touched on how working on your laptop is really bad and why you should be using a standing desk.  You spend far too long in this position for it not to be important. If you get it wrong, things WILL just go wrong!

What to do about it?

So, our recommendations are clear:

  • Create yourself a standing desk,
  • Get a monitor and key board,
  • Move and stretch every hour.

If, however, you are broken, then do come and see us as we can help!