Problems associated with working from home

Working from home – it can be painful

How’s the working from home going?

From our experience – not very well. We’ve been seeing loads of patients who are WFH. (And, IMHO, things are getting bad when they have their own 3 letter abbreviations!). Most of our patients say that they started working at home and hoping it’d all be over in a week or two. So, they set up their work stations back in April and haven’t substantially changed things since. The laptop was balanced on the arm of the sofa, the breakfast bar became the desk or floor became the whole of the office. Then days became weeks, weeks became months – and you know the rest. As a great example of this, and today’s winner, is Miss PP who said she is working on the ironing board – which is, apparently, pretty good as it’s height adjustable and has a bit of space. However, some have even confessed to working in their beds!

If you are working like this things WILL just go wrong.

I think you all know our take on this. We have explained the problems that working like this causes in previous blogs, such as these:

we have also covered how to sit properly in front of your computer right here.


There are some things you can do to help with WFH. Our top three tips are:

And if this is just not enough book in to see us and let us help.

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