Clinic plans

Early September opening!

We know that many of you will be interested in when we are planning opening the clinic. We have been looking at what we can do, what the team can provide in forms of care and how practicable it will all be. Currently, I am sorry but we just don’t have the ability to deliver the sort of care you would want in the near future.

There are several reasons for this; many of you are aware that Rupert’s unable to work, the COVID restrictions make working practices very difficult and there are also some safety issues for some of the families of the team.

We are sorry and know this will be disappointing for you and we’d ask for you to bear with us.

When we do get back we’ll have refurbished the clinic, given it a much needed freshen up and should also be able offer some other great services. Please keep the faith and keep working on your care stability.

The team at C1

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