Neck pain?  It’s your IT that’s the problem

Is the groovy IT stuff you are using giving you neck pain?  It’s my belief that it is.  We see well over 3000 people a year.  I estimate over 2000 of these come to see us because they have problems caused by how they have to use their IT stuff.

You have been designed and built to stand upright and look out over the mammoth-infested grasslands of Africa and southern Europe.  Your head, which is a relatively heavy structure, is balanced pretty carefully to be approximately over the centre of gravity line.  In this position it needs very little effort to hold it upright.  You will be ready to run like the wind away from a sabre-tooth tiger or towards a mammoth lunch!


But look what we’ve done to ourselves:

ipad user

Neck pain is as bad as it’s ever been right now and set to get much, much worse.  Worse!  How could it get worse?  The kids of today start peering into the computer at a far younger age than we ever did.

Two kids using tablet

They then continue to get more and more engrossed in their ipads (other tablets are available!) and laptops as they get older.  Schools will even boast how excellent they are to equip their classes with these tablets.  The kids then come home from 7 hours of this stuff to add a further 4 hours or more ipad work.

Kids using ipads at school

And call their mates on the way home using their phones!

School kids using phones

We then spend the next 50 years of our lives working in front of the laptop or ipad and wonder why we have mid-back, low-neck and shoulder problems with their associated headaches and arm pain.

neck pain and IT

It’s madness.

What to do about this neck pain?

There are a few ways to cope with neck pain – become a farrier or a soldier or the like, they seem to spend a fair amount of time away from the laptop, or get some care.  Get in to see your deep tissue massage therapist every now and then.  Get your chiropractor to look at how your neck is working.  They’ll suggest some good anterior head carriage stretches so that you can fight Newton and his all seeing gravity.

So, go on, give us a call and book in to see one of us.  And the sooner the better!

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