Hip height inequality

Is it leg length inequality or hip height inequality

We’ve written loads about leg length inequality (LLI) but nothing about hip height inequality. See:

This one about leg length inequality that’s common in athletes  and this one about what leads to LLI  and what are the various important 5 or so problems associated with LLI.

We’ve also banged on about how common it is. In the adult population LLI is reportedly as high as 90 percent – so, yes, you probably do have it.

However, I have now decided to change its name. This is radical and will upset loads of people but I have good a reason why. A significant proportion of the patients we see with leg-length inequality have no perceivable LLI. Their legs seem to be exactly the same length, give or take a few mm. What they do have is hip height inequality (HHI). Now this may sound like splitting hairs but it really matters in how they are treated.

Why is changing the name important?Front sleeping and LLI

Leg length inequality (LLI) focuses us in on the legs. Now for many this is where the problem lies. If you’ve had a hip operation this is a major concern for your surgeon. If someone has crashed into your motorbike and broken your leg this matters. And if you are a proportion of the population whose Tib/Fib or Femur have just grown longer than your other then this also matters.  However, if not and you still have LLI its probably happening in your pelvis. I am now calling this Hip Height Inequality (HHI).

What is hip height inequality (HHI)?

You can twist your pelvis up with the turn centred round one, or both of your sacroiliac joints. This makes one side of your pelvis higher than the other. It should be pretty obvious when having a look. How do you do it?  You do long lunge sports (squash, tennis, rock climbing or fencing). You do sports where you trail one leg (football one legged sliding tackles). You do sports where you overuse one leg (Martial arts). You fall off things (horse riding). You  sit with your legs tucked under and finally, you front sleep.

What’s the issue with having HHI?

This blog article hints at the problems with having HHI. The good thing is we can usually help so give us a call or leave a message and ask us any question you like (as long is it’s about geography or HHI)



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