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“Can chiropractic help headaches?”  Now, this is something I am asked at least once a week and, more likely, once a day.  The reason I’m asked this so often is because the majority of our patients spend their day fixed in front of a computer, most probably in a terrible work posture.  Add to this that whilst they head on home they’re lookHeadachesing down at their phones and then spend the night watching stuff on their tablets it is no surprise they are in pain.  Here’s an article we’ve written that covers this.  Does this sound familiar?

At one time more than 10% of the UK’s population are suffering from headaches.  They are one of the main reason for seeking advice from a GP and cluttering up their waiting rooms.  The good news is that over 90% of all headaches are what are known as Primary Headaches.  Primary Headaches includes the very common tension-type, migraine, cervicogenic and cluster headaches.  The good thing about these Primary headaches is that they have no other underlying medical condition that causes them.  So, if you have a headache is is very unlikely to have a serious underlying medical condition to worry you.

The report

In a report published in 2001 by researchers at the ‘Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Center’ in the USA they found that spinal manipulation resulted in almost immediate improvement for those headaches that originate in the neck.  They add that chiropractic manipulation treatment had significantly fewer side effects and much longer-lasting relief of tension-type headache than a ‘commonly prescribed’ medication.  The most common treatment we use is spinal manipulation of the lower cervical spine, so C7 and T1 as well as some deep tissue massage of the muscles of the shoulder and neck.  The latter is really painful but really works well and our patients describe the pain as ‘good pain’!

We’ve certainly had real success here at C1 Chiropractic Health Centre with these headaches and give us a ring if you want to know more.

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