Gluteal trigger points are as a result of misuse of your gluteal muscles

Nearly everyone has Glute Trigger Points. Why?

Yesterday, I found myself saying: “Glute trigger points are nearly ubiquitous”. Afterwards, I realized that I was overcooking this a bit. (But, in my defence, the synonym thing in Word offered up ‘omnipresent or universal’ as even more extreme options!). This being said, nearly all our patients do have problems with their glutes. It seems that your gluteal muscles real take a beating and suffer.

Why is this?

The common denominator for most of our patients is that they spend much of their time sitting down. The reason their glutes are on fire is because they are not using them for what they were designed to do. Glutes are designed to get you away from saber-toothed tigers or chase down mammoth. Hence the unlikely picture! They are designed to get you moving fast. They are also useful if you need to go up hill. Take a stroll up Park Street and tell me I am wrong.

What they are not designed to do is doing nothing and being sat on. This inactivity leads to the formation of glute trigger points in your muscles. So, if you have to sit down for several hours a day you WILL have issues with your gluteal muscles. Fact. Most of our patients have to – so most of our patients do.

We have touched on trigger points and gluteal trigger points in detail before. We have a blog article called: TRIGGER POINTS – WHAT ARE THEY, AND WHY DO THEY MATTER TO US AT C1 which explains this if you want to know more.

What can I do about Glute Trigger Points?

Use them for what they were designed to do. Our Sports Injury Therapists have written this excellent blog with loads of advice on this called: GLUTE EXERCISES – THE WHY AND HOW. Have a read and get them sorted.

Have you had anyone treat your gluteal trigger points and was if fun?

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