“Are you sitting comfortably?” Coccyx pain- literally a pain in the backside!

Coccyx pain – what is it?

www.coccyx.org describes “Coccydynia as being anything from discomfort to acute pain… The name describes a pattern of symptoms (pain brought on or aggravated by sitting), so it is really a collection of conditions which can have different causes and need different treatments… Coccydynia can follow after falls, childbirth, repetitive strain or surgery. It is five times more common in women than men, probably because the female pelvis leaves the coccyx more exposed. It appears that in most cases the pain is caused by an unstable coccyx, which causes chronic inflammation.”

How can we help?

At C1, we combine Trigger Point release- to ease myofascial tension in the gluteal and para-spinal muscles- with Chiropractic adjustment- to address what is often the root cause of coccyx pain- a misalignment (or subluxation) in the coccyx itself. We will also dish out some exercises for strengthening pelvic muscles as this will make the sacro-iliac joint more stable.

Many spinal problems come from instability which presupposes an individual to this type of injury. Sometimes an accident such as a fall down the stairs (or hitting the seat of your bicycle rather hard!) will lead to the coccyx becoming stuck.

This alteration in the position of the coccyx compromises nerve function- leading to the characteristic symptom of pain whilst sat directly on the sitting bone. Very annoying indeed! Sometimes this problem can sort itself out without treatment, but often it will persist for months unless something is done to correct the compromised position of this most important joint at the base of the spine. Soft tissue work (although rather eye-wateringly painful) will actually ease the tension that has been setup as a compensation to the faulty positioning of the joint itself, so like many musculo-skeletal conditions- a two-pronged approach will yield good results, and hopefully a return to being able to sit comfortably again!

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