About Katie Breeze

I've been passionate about health and fitness since I was a child, though my specific interests have definitely evolved as I've progressed through the many different stages of my own life. Understanding your individual needs and objectives, enables me to create an entirely bespoke holistic programme of therapeutic care and exercise prescription, to help you achieve your goals. I am a Level 4 Sports Therapist providing Sports & Remedial Therapy for individuals with a huge array of physical pain and limitation; from postural dysfunction of the desk bound worker, to the weekend warrior or those with soft tissue injuries whether they be sports related or otherwise. Treatment modalities I use vary between treatments according to what is appropriate for the client and soft tissue dysfunction at the time. A treatment may consist of a range of assessment and techniques including; Movement Analysis, Manual Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, Dry Needling Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, NeuroMuscular Facilitation and Rehab and Corrective Exercise Prescription.